Year: 2012
Client: Conseil Scolaire Francophone (SD#93)
Area: 1500 m2
LEED Gold (goal)

Ecole Mer et montagne

This project involves the retention and renovation of an existing gymnasium, demolition of the rest of an old school and construction of a replacement facility attached to the retained gym. The new/renovated facility will offer 1,500 m2 of educational and community spaces for the francophone community of Campbell River.

The project was designed using sustainability principles for LEED® Gold certification. These features include a geothermal loop below the play field, the use of in-slab radiant heat and natural ventilation which contribute to a highly efficient mechanical system, a rainwater collection system and ample natural daylight. The project makes extensive use of wood and incorporates all the construction lumber salvaged from the demolition of the former school.

The project is designed to create a flexible, high-quality learning environment for the students. Classrooms are not designed as simple boxes, but include areas to allow for groups of students to work in different areas simultaneously. Project rooms, provide a place for individual activities. Movable partitions allow for potential shared teaching between classrooms. The main corridor is designed with clerestory lighting, and sized to encourage its use as an extension of the classroom.

The project was recipient of a WoodWorks Design Award in 2012.

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