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McFarland Marceau Architects (MMA) is a Vancouver-based professional practice specialized in architectural services for educational, recreational, and institutional facilities. With over 30 years of successful buildings constructed in all regions of British Columbia, MMA has demonstrated a long-standing commitment to sustainable design and respect for clients’ needs, schedule and budget. Placing collaboration and design excellence at the forefront of its approach, the firm strives to produce buildings that are sensitive to both local conditions and the global environment, while responding to the demands for functionality, flexibility, envelope integrity, practicality and ease of maintenance. Above all, MMA maintains the goal of producing buildings that are cherished by their owners. The firm’s strong focus on sustainable design has been rewarded by obtaining the first LEED Platinum designation in Canada. Among the various aspects of sustainable solutions explored by the firm is a particular interest in the innovative use of wood as both structural and architectural expression.


Design Philosophy

We believe that good buildings respond not only to their time and place, but to the needs of clients and future users as well. By encouraging client involvement at all project stages, we are able to clearly identify our clients’ needs and priorities. These needs, along with our thorough analysis of environmental, technical, political, economical and educational factors, become the central criteria guiding the ensuing development process. Our aim is to consider the array of factors brought by space program, user requirements, site conditions, owner vision and market forces in an integrated design process, with the goal of achieving a balanced architectural response.

Integrated Design Approach

Our firm principals are personally involved in each project, and work closely with the design team from project start to finish. Our integrated design approach values client/user input throughout the design process and ensures that all team members are actively involved and aware of the challenges facing other disciplines from the outset. Sustainable design and planning workshops give clients and consultants a chance to voice their goals for the direction of the project; this inclusive process helps build consensus and support for decisions made throughout the design process.

Innovation + Sustainability

Our firm is committed to environmentally responsible building design and operation, and incorporates sustainability concepts within each project as the budget allows. Following rigorous analysis of site and climate, designs are developed with emphasis on energy efficient and cost-effective solutions, exploring all aspects of sustainability, from natural ventilation to the use of locally produced materials. We are eager to explore new solutions to specific project constraints, but always ensure that our proposals are sound, within budget and consistent with the team’s design objectives. Solutions seek out simplicity.

Product – Fitting quality

Attention to detail is a hallmark of our work, where forms, materials and their detailing are brought together as an integrated whole to match program and budget. We take pride in delivering buildings that are functional, practical and well-performing, and that can, by their design, enhance the user’s experience. We are committed to socially responsive architecture that responds not only to the site and program, but also to larger issues in the built environment such as community context and sustainable design.


Our firm is a proud supporter of the LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) process. Several of our projects are pursuing or have been designed for LEED® certification: The Gulf Islands Operations Centre (pictured right), has received LEED® Platinum certification – the first project in Canada to do so. This project was also awarded a RAIC Award of Excellence in Green Building Whether LEED certified or not, sustainable design principles are central to all our projects. We have considerable expertise in this field and in facilitating an integrated design process, which encourages meaningful participation by all members of the design team and ensures full coordination and integration of sustainable design strategies.


McFarland Marceau Architects consists of a collaborative team of people committed to excellence in design, including registered architects, intern architects, architectural technologists and architecture graduates. We approach each project with a high level of care and pride in our work.
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2015 | Wood Champion Award | Canadian Wood Council+ WoodWorks!
2015 | Western Red Cedar Award | Canadian Wood Council+ WoodWorks!
2015 | Institutional Wood Design- Small | Canadian Wood Council+ WoodWorks!
2013 | Merit Award – Wood Design & Building Awards | Canadian Wood Council
2013 | Merit Award – Wood Design & Building Awards | Canadian Wood Council
2013 | Citation Award – Wood Design & Building Awards | Canadian Wood Council
2013 | Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia – Merit | Architectural Institute of BC
2012 | Masonry Design Awards Award of Merit – Structural | Masonry Institute of BC
2012 | Award of Merit | VIREB Commercial Building Awards
2012 | Honourable Mention | VIREB Commercial Building Awards
2012 | Merit Award | Canadian Architect Awards of Excellence
2012 | Green Building Award | Canadian Wood Council+ WoodWorks!
2012 | Institutional Wood Design- Large | Canadian Wood Council+ WoodWorks!
2011 | SAB Award Winning Project | Sustainable Architecture & Building Magazine
2011 | BC Wood Design Award – Institutional – Small | Canadian Wood Council + WoodWorks!
2010 | Citation Award | Wood and Building Design Awards
2008 | Holcim Awards Acknowledgement Prize | Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction
2008 | Masonry Design Awards Award of Excellence – Educational | Masonry Institute of BC
2007 | Award of Excellence – Green Building | Royal Architectural Institute of Canada
2007 | Award of Excellence | Consulting Engineers of British Columbia
2006 | LEED™ Platinum Certification | Canada Green Building Council
2006 | Wood Design Award – High Performance Building | Canadian Wood Council + WoodWorks!
2005 | Poster Project – Green Building Challenge | Tokyo, Japan
2002 | Poster Project – Green Building Challenge | Oslo, Norway
1999 | Award of Merit – Building Engineering | Consulting Engineers of British Columbia
1998 | Merit Award – Commercial Category | Canadian Wood Council
1994 | Governor Generals Award | Royal Architectural Institute of Canada
1994 | Merit Award – Commercial Category | Canadian Wood Council
1990 | Ronald J. Thom Supreme Award | Canadian Wood Council