Year: 2012
Client: University of British Columbia
Area: 1950 m2

UBC Bioenergy Demonstration and Research Facility

The UBC Bioenergy Research & Demonstration Project is a unique on-site biomass-fueled combined heat and power (CHP) facility located at UBC’s Vancouver campus. Under the UBC living lab initiative the project is designed to demonstrate the use of cross-laminated timber (CLT) and will be one of the vanguard buildings in North America to use CLT technology on an institutional building of this size and scope.

Upper lobby South facade

The wood sourced for the CLTs is 90% beetle kill. McFarland Marceau Architects is committed to using this potentially industry-changing wood building material that can be used as a low carbon, renewable alternative to steel frame construction. The project will also demonstrate gasification technology that will provide clean, renewable heat and electricity for the campus, while offering a platform for bioenergy research aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuel consumption. The bi-demonstration of cross laminated timber technology used to house wood gasification systems to produce energy is extraordinarily engaging for us as we strive to further our efforts in wood and sustainable building practices.

South facade Southwest corner accessMoment frame detail

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